Eco-Friendly, Conflict Free, 100% Real Man Made Diamonds

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Idea of Created Diamonds

Are diamonds beautiful? No doubt they are! Everybody will surely agree with this fact. But is the hole in the Earth several kilometers in diameter beautiful, or swirl of dust raised by giant truck wheels, or hectares of cut forests, or polluted rivers? Do they look great? Till recently it was impossible to comprehend the beauty of a diamond gem without making such harm to nature.

Probably the main idea of created diamonds is to be eco-friendly. Scientists and engineers spent years to study the nature of diamonds to find the possibility to recreate them synthetically. Supported by eco-conscious people and the department of environmental control they managed to reach success and found the way to grow diamonds in the laboratory. HPHT is already a known abbreviation that refers to high pressure high temperature technology. Judging from the name you may guess that diamonds are grown under intense pressure and high heat - in simulated conditions that are equal to natural. A grain of natural diamond and a handful of graphite put into a chamber under certain conditions turn into 100% real eco-friendly diamond.

Created diamonds are real ones with the same properties as mined diamonds have: optical, physical and chemical. They look like mined diamonds, they have the same diamond lattice structure and bands and they hardly be distinguished from mined ones. Lab grown diamonds are solid, wearproof, tough, fadeless, endurable and of course possess that stunning luster and brilliance diamonds are loved for. But what they are really praised for is their origin. Being grown by man created diamonds do not imply digging, thus make no harm to nature - no more air and water pollution, no more soil erosion, no more damage to rare species of flora and fauna. Currently created diamonds are number one choice for followers of green movement and the rest eco-conscious people.

To conclude, there is a possibility to comprehend brilliance and beauty of real diamond without causing damage to nature. Don't be indifferent to environment we live in and make a right choice when buying diamond jewelry.


  1. Eco friendly diamonds have grown in demand especially from people who are care about Earth. Eco friendly diamonds have the same luster and effect that a normal diamond has.

  2. Sure, man-made diamonds are a nice choice for green weddings. Have a look at our collection if are planning to propose;)