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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Men Like Diamonds Too

Things change and men's attitude to diamond jewelery either. While the women were always diamond jewelry lovers, the men started to exhibit a tendency to diamond-studded engagement rings too! However these are men who used to wear jewelery, including diamonds, in the past.

Some nations like Romans for instance, believed diamonds had mythic value. Due to diamond transparency Romans thought that gems are hardened tears of gods and that they give courage. So, it was a usual thing to see a Roman soldier wearing diamond necklace – just to be courageous and unconquerable. Later diamonds became a symbol of royalty and were worn mostly by prosperous people, mostly by men. They were handed down to close relatives, thus acquired long tangled history and high value. In Indian there was a tradition when maharajas wore precious stones, in such a way they added elegance to their personality. On the contrary, the Asian people considered diamonds to be cursed stones, partially because they were often the 'seeds of discord'. However, this myth has gone and all the nations are adherents of precious jewels nowadays.

In short, there was a tendency for man to wear a band golden engagement ring, currently they prefer to have it set with a diamond. When a man gives a three carat diamond ring to his wife-to-be he expects her to give him nice engagement ring back too, with diamond of course. Surely, an engagement ring is what a person always wear, but women signify their marital status by brilliant stunning diamond rings while men have to be content with just a band. Men, mostly those who are over 35, decided to change this tradition, let think to establish a new one. Such is a demand for modern engagement rings for men.

Well, at least a couple will have something in common – both wearing diamond rings. Diamonds are fadeless and will always look classy. A man wearing a diamonds ring is a prove that history is repeating itself. Indeed, diamond engagement ring is a style statement for men.

Don't you think that men may become jewellery freak one day?

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