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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jennifer Lopez and Her Love for Diamonds

American pop diva, actress and TV host Jennifer Lopez is the one who likes to show off her precious diamonds in limelight. One say her passion for dazzling colored gems started when Ben Affleck presented her a pink diamond engagement ring. Obviously, this was not the first diamond jewel J. Lo ever worn. The celebrity was pampered by all those Red Carpets events, which in time became very sought-after by public and were given the same status as fashion shows, where celebrities were considered to be models wearing chick dresses and fine jewelry.

It's hard to say what Jennifer's favourite color of diamonds is, but she definitely enjoys yellow ones. Wearing gorgeous black & gold decadent dress on the Golden Globe award in 2007, Jennifer Lopez complemented it with a big canary emerald-cut diamond ring priced at $2.000.000. She coupled it with a pair of crushed gold chandelier earrings with more than 10 carats of embedded yellow diamonds. She was absolutely adorable!

However, the jewelry worn for such events is usually rented. Known jewelry designers take an advantage of 'lending' diamonds to celebrities for the latter to advertise the gems and jewelers. But J. Lo still seems to have a wide collection of diamond jewelry at home, just to fit her multi color outfits. And of course there is a place for yellow diamonds. Her husband, Marc Antony, presented Jennifer an 8-carat canary yellow diamond ring after she gave birth to their twin babies. It is claimed a ring cost about $300.000 — a generous gift, don't you think?

Indeed, yellow diamonds can be of various shades from light lemon to deep brownish-yellow. They are awesome, so that Kate Winslet, who wore blue diamond while starring in “Titanic”, thus is usually taken as the lover of blues since that time, starts wearing yellows — she was seen in 50 carat yellow diamond bracelet and pear-shaped yellow diamond earrings. To make her look finished she put on 17 carat yellow-green diamond ring on her right finger.


  1. Ahhh, diamond, ladies best friend!

  2. Today they are not only ladies best friends, men love diamonds either. If they didn't, there wouldn't be a wide range of diamond encrusted watches, gangets, gage panels and whatnot.