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Monday, January 17, 2011

Variants of Designs for Engagement Rings with Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are precious and exclusive stones, quite a “not-for-everybody” option which becomes more and more popular with well-off people today. And what is very pleasant, they are quite a rich material for jewelers. Recently, there has emerged a trend for making engagement rings with yellow diamonds. The possibilities for designers to create amazing and elegant jewelry with these stones, namely engagement rings, are truly limitless. Rings with yellow diamonds are bound to be original and extremely beautiful! You can not make a “common”, dull ring with a yellow diamond, indeed, because of the stone’s wonderful hue. Moreover, not every style suits these stones, and not every design can be appropriate for them. Those who want to have their engagement rings bestudded with yellow diamonds should be very careful when choosing their rings’ design. Exact hue and other characteristics of the stone should be considered in this case.

By the way, recently, many worldwide known celebrities have got interested in yellow diamonds. These stones have become really very fashionable, a “star trend”. Many celebrities jewelry styles include yellow diamonds, and particularly there exist some exclusive and precious celebrities engagement rings. You can choose to make a ring similar (though may be a pocket-friendly variant) to that of some famous couples.

For example, the engagement ring made to the order of Paris Hilton (reported to be one of the most precious diamond ring costing $5 million) is a wonderful fancy style ring, perhaps the most famous engagement ring using yellow diamonds. This is a wonderful 24-carat yellow diamond ring.

Other yellow diamond engagement rings that may inspire you when choosing a ring design, include rings of the famous musician Seal and top model Heidi Klum, talented actor Dennis Quaid, successful producer Rodney Jenkins and another top model Veronica Varekova.

Yellow diamonds are brilliant and exotically beautiful, but due to that they are extremely demanding – they won’t reveal their full splendor at some “any-old-how” surroundings. For example, yellow diamonds require certain appropriate cut and shape in order to properly reveal the distinctive, intense hue of the gem. Improper cut leads to adding undesirable opaqueness and diminishing wonderful natural sparkle and shine of the stone. It is also important to know that it is quite hard to find two comparatively big yellow gems with an exactly matching coloration. The so-called fancy colored (yellow, blue, pink etc.) diamonds usually have very different intensity and shades of hue. So, it may be better to use only one yellow gem, or cut several small diamonds out of one big stone, rather than try to find several gems of exactly matching shades.

Big yellow colored diamonds are so attractive that they are practically never gathered more than one in a single ring. A big yellow gem becomes the focal point of the ring, and the maximum that it may be complemented with, is a spreading of smaller gems. And if we speak about settings, yellow diamond engagement rings look best when made of yellow gold. Very rich, darker yellow hue may look good together with red or pink gold. Light yellow hue may be enhanced and enriched with yellow gold either. There are settings where dark yellow diamonds look very estimable in white gold or platinum, but these metals are strictly contraindicated to very light yellow diamonds. Using them diffuses the gems’ color badly and makes them look as if they are just low-quality, impure colorless diamonds.

If we speak about design of settings for yellow diamond engagement rings, any design will do good if it enhances the natural beauty of a precious stone. So, it is better when a design is unusual, fancy, and original. The main task of such designs is separating the main gem from other details of the ring, and gathering maximum attention toward the yellow diamond. So, elevated designs are best for such occasion, because they separate the gem from other design accents, so that it is not mixed with other stones, if there are any.

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