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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Tiffany Diamond and Not Only

It is a known fact that diamonds are crystal clear. But, due to some impurities diamonds may be blue, green, yellow, and of other exotic hues. For the last decade, the popularity of yellow diamonds has greatly increased. The famous Tiffany Diamond may serve as a good example of such enormous popularity. This huge, wonderfully beautiful diamond of rich golden yellow hue was mined in South Africa in 1887. It was of enormous size – 287 carats. Tiffany Jewelers purchased this gem stone from the diamond mining company at initial price of $18,000. The jewelers spent time to decide how to cut it, and at last it appeared to be a 90-facet cushion cut 128.54-carat diamond. This was a marvelous work that helped reveal the exceptional beauty of a natural stone.

For many years Tiffany has been displaying 'huge yellow' for the public observation throughout the world. The diamond has been shown in many countries. For example, during the 100 year jubilee of the Kimberly Mine, or the World's Fair in 1939. Then, in 1957, the jewelers mounted it into a diamond necklace especially for the Tiffany Ball. Later, it was loaned to Audrey Hepburn for her role in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's. In the 1960, the Tiffany Diamond was fashioned into an art piece, Bird on a Rock. Nowadays, the famous Tiffany Diamond is still in the possession of a renowned jeweler.

Although the Tiffany Diamond is unique due to its size and beauty, there are thousands of smaller yellow diamonds that are bought every month. For the last decade, yellow diamonds have become a fashionable trend with the Hollywood celebrities. For example, when Tom Cruise got engaged with Katie Holmes, he presented her a ring with yellow diamonds. Another star Elton John obtained a 25-carat yellow diamond ring several years ago, and it’s known to be his favorite. A lot of celebrities can be seen wearing yellow diamonds at the Academy Awards and the Red Carpet events. For the past few years, such divas as Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz, Mary Hart, Kathy Griffin and others have been noticed showing off their marvelous yellow diamonds.

But probably most unique piece of jewelry encrusted with yellow diamonds that has been purchased recently, is the watch owned by a pop star Usher. It is worth around a million dollar, and contains Usher’s portrait on its face, which is made of more than 1000 tiny yellow diamonds.

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