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Monday, January 10, 2011

Paris Hilton and Her Large Canary Diamond Ring

There was a time when yellow diamonds cost less than colorless due to some impurities that produce the appearance of yellow color shades in diamond, from light to brownish. However now, impurities make gems unique determining higher, sometimes ransom price for them. Colored diamonds became thought-after gems and are often used as a great means to outstand from the crowd. Celebrities are known fashionists who love to hunt for rare jewels in order to be photographed wearing them. Like Paris Hilton, a true diamond-purist, who is a lucky owner of a yellow diamond ring.

Billionaire Paris Latsis proved his love, and generosity, for diva even twice, presenting her two diamond engagement rings: 15-carat white diamond ring and 24-carat canary diamond ring, that cost him $2.1 million and $5 million respectively. White diamond engagement ring are rather traditional and are usually discussed only on account of their size and design. Colored diamonds draw greater attention both of the diamond lover and jewelry experts. Speaking about canary diamonds, they have a greater amount of nitrogen that causes the stone to display rich yellow color, associated with songbird's feathers.

'Canary diamonds' belong to the class of fancy colored diamond, which is next after fancy light diamonds. Such diamonds are normally priced between $70,000 and $120,000 per carat, however Paris Hilton's ring cost more than $200,000 per carat. Sometimes the price can be unpredictable if it concerns colored diamonds, but for celebrities it's just another challenge to face on their way to diamond possession.


  1. Lucky lady! Canary diamonds really are beautiful however, they are the more expensive Yellow Diamonds. Lighter shades of yellow are much cheaper and more affordable for those with less financial resources.

  2. You are right, canary diamonds are more expensive due to their rarity. They are indeed very beautiful, however one should be ready to pay high price for such luxury thing. Or, to find a cheaper alternative. Created diamonds are not inferior in durability, brightness, luster, and other properties to mined diamonds, but they are more pocket-friendly though. If your friends are not professional experts with sophisticated gadgets to identify the origin of your diamond, they will surely take created-diamond for natural one.