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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring: Heidi Klum

What a wedding is without a diamond ring! There is a tradition, and nothing seems to change it, when a fiancé propose with a beautiful diamond ring. Most wedding rings are mounted with white or colorless diamonds of various size and cut. However there are people, mostly among celebrities, who want to stand out in a crowd regardless how much it would cost them. And they would rather spring for a fancy colored, yet more expensive diamond, rather than traditional white. Heidi Klum, a known German-American model, is a happy owner of such a ring — a yellow one.

To start with, the ceremony of proposal was rather unusual and unexpected: a rare man would climb a 14,000-feet glacier to build a quinzhee for his sweetheart and then declare his love to her there. Yeap, the whole event was awesome, at least for a couple as they used to recollect it every year, but a ring can's be omitted either. This is a large (about 12 carats) cushion-cut fancy yellow diamond ring. Though the setting is nothing special — prong set with a yellow pave — but it seems to be perfect for Heidi. An elongated shape compliments with her long fingers and proves that Seal spent much time creating this very ring design. Yes, this is Seal who designed the ring for his now-wife, the ring that is right for a model like Heidi.

The ring was made by Lorraine Schwartsz jeweler and cost around $1.5 million.

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