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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Diamond Jewelry at Sotheby's

As one of the world's largest fine art auction houses, Sotheby's is valued for its extensive input to the international art market. Numerous auctions valued more than US $3 billion are annually held at the house that has seen a great deal during its existence.

There is hardly an auction that can go without jewelry sales. The latest auction at Sotheby’s, which was held in New York in January, wasn’t an exception. 131 pieces of precious stones and diamonds were offered at the auction house, making it up to stunning US $8.9 million.

Two diamond rings were among the most expensive items. One ring, auctioned from a private ownership, had a 7.72 carats diamond finely crafted in platinum. An elegant stone in the middle of the ring was embraced with wedge-shaped diamonds, cut in a long rectangular shape, weighing impressive 80 carats. The ring was sold for $65,500, which was nearly $16,000, higher than expected.

Another jewel of the night was a fine-cut Hamerman Brothers’ diamond ring of saturated brown and yellow colors. The most unusual about the diamond placed in the middle of the ring was that it was embraced with multiple pare-shaped and small circular transparent diamonds, which weighed about 2 carats and mounted in 18 karat yellow gold. The initial estimation was somewhere between $65 - $85 thousand and the ring was finally sold for around $86 thousand.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your blog,From times immemorial diamond Jewelery has been used as an expression of love and beauty.The benefit of using wholesale markets like government auctions to buy items for resale is that typically the items go up for bid with no reserve.