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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Most Expensive Wrist Watch in the World

There is a paradox that occurs today: people have a lot of wireless devices like cell phone or iPads or anything else that show the time, but still people keep wearing wrist watches. So, there is a question “What for do they wear watches?” Most commonly they do it in order to accentuate their status or for the sake of personal style. Businessmen and celebrities are among 'watch-wearers', who normally dictate most recent fashion trends in watches. Indeed, a watch remains the accessory that is beyond the time, and the watch we are going to speak about either.

‘201-carat Chopard’ are considered to be the most expensive watch in the world. The price tag is breathtaking - $25 million! It it because the Chopard watch are not intended to perform their primary task, but they are worn to fascinate and allure by the number of colorful diamonds mounted in it. Yes, as the name of the watch suggests, the total amount of carat weight of diamonds equals 201 carats, where 163 carats belong to yellow and white diamonds. Overall there are 874 diamonds of different size and color. All gems are set around in floral motifs, where the yellow stones function as stamens. The largest diamonds set in a watch are three heart-shaped stones of yellow, white and pink colors. The most exciting thing about these three is that can open up resembling the flower petals! The masters mounted a spring-loaded mechanism inside, and when pressed it allows the watch 'blossom'.

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