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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Luxury Jewelry Becomes Affordable?

Have you heard of Amelleé? The Australian company that has chosen eco-friendly and budget conscious customer as a targeted audience for their products offers a collection of jewelry named Amelleé. They offer you jewelry made of sterling silver, rhodium plating, and of course created diamonds and other gems. Those who think they won't look too luxury enough, can spring for platinum plated pieces to complete your refined style.

Overall there are five collections with 120 pieces to satisfy each and every client looking for deluxe, elegant yet affordable jewelry. The executive director said they tried to fill in the gab for low-priced jewellery to make it accessible to more women giving them the opportunity to look chic and trendy.

However currently Amelleé retails stores are found only in Australia. The thing is that the company is as yet very young. It was launched only a half a year ago, in November 2010, but it is firmly winning the Australian market with the number of stores in New South Wales, Sydney and the plans for expand to Queensland and Melbourne. Cheer up, the U.S. has a wide range of top-notch, high-quality jewelry with man-made gems. Most known and reputable of them are Gemesis, Apollo diamonds, DNA Diamonds and others.

Well, Amelleé is just another example of eco-friendly jewelry that is in demand among women and that makes a serious concurrence to natural jewelry known by its sky-high price tags. And would you opt for such man-made jewelry?

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