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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why are Man-Made Diamonds Less Expensive?

Man-made diamonds are produced in special laboratories where laboratory assistants are incubating them by creating the same conditions where mined diamonds are formed. The quality of these diamonds doesn’t really differ from the quality of natural diamonds. You can find them in colors the same as natural diamond are: colorless, yellow, blue or pink color.

Lab grown diamonds are usually less expensive than mined diamonds. That is why lots of people would rather spring for them rather than for expensive mined stones. The jewelry made of lab diamonds is cheaper, thus affordable for wide range of customers even with a lean budget.
Natural diamonds are mined not all over the world, that is why some countries opt for diamonds that were created in the laboratory. The thing is, that the cost of a natural diamond depends on the price for its transportation from the country of origin and on the taxes that are needed to be paid for its import. For example, if a businessman wants to buy diamonds from Africa, then he needs to sell them in his country at a price that will cover all his import expenses in order to make a profit.

However, if you compare the quality of both artificial and natural diamonds, you barely find the difference. The thing is, that lab created diamonds have different quality levels. Diamonds that have higher quality cost almost as much as natural diamonds, when diamonds of medium and low quality are comparatively much cheaper.

The most popular and best-selling diamond created in the laboratory is a colorless diamond, that is a sought-after gem for wedding and engagement rings. It is of the same quality as natural stone, yet with a lower price tag on it. Lab grown diamonds are less expensive due to the technology with the help of which they are produced. While natural diamonds imply huge amount of money to be spend on extraction, man made diamonds are simply grown in chambers with low electricity costs. But you shouldn’t think that it makes lab grown diamonds worse than mined ones. Most people can afford to pay for them and experience a dignified grace and beauty by wearing them as much as they wear natural diamonds.

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