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Sunday, April 10, 2011

How do YOU Treat Lab Created Diamonds?

There are many people who consider about buying lab grown diamonds, so they are looking for pros and cons of the latter. Confirmation of this can be found on such sites like or and related. The questions discovered there impelled to ask the similar one and formulate own view of this issue.

To our mind, lab grown diamonds can be treated like alternative for economy and investment.
Economy is clear enough to comprehend, as lab grown diamonds are known to be cheaper than natural ones, though not by a lot. However, even the most expensive high quality created diamond would cost you approximately 30% less than a mined gem. But the economy isn't implemented at the expense of the quality of the stone. Lab created diamonds are cheaper due to the technology used to produce them, as it is less energy-, resource- and time-consumptive than mining process itself. Both ways of creating diamonds, either chemical vapour deposition (CVD) or high pressure high temperature (HPHT) methods result in growing high quality close-to-natural diamonds that possess all the properties of mined stones. Nearly identical to earth-formed diamonds, lab created gems are much cheaper, thus more affordable for a usual customer and let them save on jewelry to have more funds left for more essential needs.

Investment here is not the one used to in a sense of enlarging your income. It's more global and comprehensive, concerning the future of our children and the following generations. By springing for diamonds cultivated in the laboratory rather than those extracted from under the ground, you show you are thoughtful about the environment and you do not treat it carelessly like the majority of people. It's a known fact, that mining is devastating for the surrounding environment, turning the territory around the mine into a lifeless desert. At the same time natural diamonds are always a pretty nice target for smugglers. With these in mind, lab created diamonds are good in sense of safety being a perfect alternative for eco-conscious customers, who choose to be concerned about the future of the Earth we live in.
So, how do you treat lab created diamonds?

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