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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Think About Your Wedding in Advance

Do you know what is the favorite place for wedding destinations? It appears to be Las Vegas, where there are about 100,000 weddings hold every year.

Actually, this is not the only amusing fact about wedding. With thoughts about marriages I came across some wedding statistics. Not to confuse you with a lot of number, I tried to focus on most practical aspects connected with wedding expenses, the problem which bothers each person who is going to marry. Off we go! Do you know that:

- newly married couple has an average household income of $60,000 per year
- nearly 75% of first-time brides and 67% of repeated brides receive a diamond engagement ring
- an average American traditional wedding costs around $22,000
- men usually spend from 2 to 3 months worth of their annual salary for diamond engagement ring
- there are about 175 guests on an average American wedding party
- 99% of newly married couples have a honeymoon, and 55% of couples choose to spend it abroad
- an average engagement ring will cost you about $4,500
- 77% of all weddings are paid by bride and groom

Add to these the fact, that the majority of couples opt to have a wedding rehearsal dinner that leads to additional outlays, which, even though you don't want to, still create an adverse impression of the wedding. With all that gay, gorgeous look of a fiancée, pleasant bustle and guests, there are some 'backstage' moments that may spoil the atmosphere of insouciance of the event. One of them is the bill for all wedding expenses you will have to pay afterwards. There are some pieces of advance to help you reduce your costs in order to enjoy your wedding completely:

1. Invite only your close friends and relatives – apart from friendly, close atmosphere it will also cost you less to have a smaller wedding party;
2. Wedding rehearsal is not obligatory to have – minus about $2000;
3. Do not hire a wedding consultant – it will save you about 15% of your wedding costs;
4. Spring for man made diamond engagement ring – it usually costs minimum 30% less than mined one;
5. Choose wedding destination wisely – Las Vegas is great, but is too expensive.

Let nothing spoil your wedding and the atmosphere of happiness!

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