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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rare Pink Diamond Hit the Market

Being off the marker for more than 30 years, fancy pink diamond will be auctioned at the Magnificent and Nobel Jewels sale organized by Sotheby's in Geneva on May 17. Pink diamonds are known to be pretty expensive, so this cute 10.99-carat gem is estimated to go for $9million - $16million. Taking into account that fact that pink diamonds are getting more expensive because they are more sought-after today, the price will probably be closer to the upper limit.

The diamonds is of emerald cut, not so typical for colored gems. This cut is normally associated with white diamonds, but when found in colored gems it automatically gets the status of highly sought-after one. The stone is set in a ring, so elegant and impressive both in size and view.

This pink diamond possesses VS1 clarity, it means it is of unique optical transparency. It is nearly flawless; the stones of such quality are very rare, not more than 2% of all mined gems are of the same properties, and pinks make only a part of them all.

The market for pink diamonds are rather strong today. For instance in 2009 five-carat vivid pink diamond set a record being sold for $2.1 million per carat. Another stone, though haven't broken the record yet listed in the history of Sotherby's auctions, is 24.78-carat Graff Pink diamond, which reached the highest price even given for diamonds - $46.15 million! Though this fancy intense pink diamond ring is not going to become a record-breaker, but it will surely please its owner by its beauty, but for price of course.

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