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Thursday, May 5, 2011

What is Common Between Indian Traditions and Demand for Diamonds?

Do you know what is Akshay Tritiya (also known as Akha Trij)? Though this is a traditional Indian day observed by Indian people all over the country, but the celebration also attracts crowds of people from different parts of the world. The reason is this day (this year it is celebrated on May 6) is considered to be the most fortunate day to buy gold or to start your business. People are waiting for the whole year for such an opportunity to purchase golden jewelry during Akha Trij celebrations. For instance, Gujarat, a state in Western India that occupies only 10th place among the rest Indian states, purchased about 7 tons of gold this day last year!

As always, this year is going to be a promising one. What is more, there will be diamonds apart from gold this year. There is a new tendency for buying diamond-studded gold jewelry, so this will surely reflect the future sales. Local retailers predict high rise (around 35%) in diamond jewelry sale during this auspicious day.

Definitely, diamond is and will always be woman's best friend regardless the age and race, but there is a tendency for the diamond to become a daily-wear jewelry these days, however they seem to remain luxurious and still very expensive. That is why the customers expect to find enough diamond jewelry of various designs and price to meet their needs. The price tag generally depends on the size, quality and color of the diamond and gold it is mounted in. Another reason that may cause stir for diamonds this year is the upcoming marriage season. Whereas before people used to set a definite portion of money for wedding jewellery, now this amount is raised up to the sum needed for diamond jewelry. It seems the tradition of having a diamond engagement ring migrated from the U.S. far away to India increasing the demand for precious, pricey gems.

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