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Saturday, May 28, 2011

In a Search for Imperfection

Katie Rowland is normally associated with seductive jewelry where precious stones are set in costly metals. Indeed, Katie is a talented jewelry designer creating high-end jewelry pieces, yet not all of them are referred to classic fine jewelry. The most recent trend found by Katie Rowland is rather risky – she makes an accent on flawed diamonds!

While all renowned jewelry designers compete for presenting most flawless, perfectly cut diamonds in their collections, Katie took a challenge to showcase flawed gems in her unique Satori collection. According to Katie Rowland, finding beauty in imperfection is what she is longing for. It's a real trial to take the stones that were cast by other people due to their 'defects' and set them in precious metal in order to reveal their uniqueness.

Apart from odd gems, Katie also tries to set a new tradition for wearing diamonds. To alter the idea of classic shapes, like four claw studs for example, the creative designer is looking for something new. Let it be kinda funky and weird! In fact, such unusual jewelry appeals to those customers who are tired of standards and are willing to spring for something like from Satori collection.

Another way jewelry designers want to make a statement in diamond jewelry is by offering colored diamonds. As for Rowland, she considers black and brown diamonds to be of exclusive beauty. Though there is no flash and sparkle like in colorless stones, but such gloomy palette would perfectly fit people of rock'n'roll style. Katie took red and black gold to embrace brown and black diamonds respectively.

Are you about to play with the diamond connotation?

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