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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Synthetic Diamonds are Selling Dreams

Why synthetic diamonds are getting more popular? The answer is obvious: they are cheaper, so that a customer with an average income can spring for them without considerable harm to their budget.

If you are the one who is looking for less and is well-informed about man-made diamonds you should have read the article of Joshua Davis made for Wired magazine in 2003. The issue of his topic then was the technology of growing synthetic diamonds and all about their properties. Even the dealers of Antwerp could hardly believe the diamonds shown by Davis were not mined but of quite other origin.

Currently there are enough brands offering man-made diamond jewelry such as Apollo diamonds, Gemesis, Carat and others. For instance, when asked about the choice of synthetic diamonds for their jewelry, a chief executive of Carat brand said that they aim to offer affordable jewelry. Even though it is less costly that that of natural diamonds, they strive for manufacturing their products only using the materials of high-end quality. Less expensive doesn't mean of less quality, the concept that really makes man made diamonds competitive on the jewelry market.

However, synthetic diamonds are not designated for serious diamond buyers. The latter actually do not hesitate on purchasing a gem for $10,000 or a cheaper one for $2,000. Such customers usually know what they really want, they are either the collectors, or celebrities or other well-to-do buyers, who opt for mined diamonds to correspond to their status. Other people living on a tight budget still have their dreams, fantasies or have to follow some traditions like that of buying engagement ring with a diamond inside. For this purpose man made diamonds were grown. They are created to make the dreams come true at least for some people. A nice mission for a tiny gem.
What is your attitude towards synthetic diamonds? Feel free to leave your comments.

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