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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Man-Made Diamonds: When Did They Become Known?

There is the claim that not many people have yet heard about man-made diamonds, do you think it's true? It seems created diamonds became a real hit for the past 10 or even more years.
The first man-made diamond was created long ago in 1953, when General Electrics built huge machines to grow diamonds for industrial purposes. For several years they kept it in a secret probably practicing their skills for producing high quality gems. When at last submitted to approval, created diamond were confirmed as the best alternatives for natural stones. This gave a start for a new era – era of man-made diamonds.

As it usually happens, there appeared many companies who also tried to pioneer an unknown field of science, what on the one hand created a tough competition and helped to increase the quality of a final product, diamond in this case. What is more, it also helped to make a shift from only industrial purpose of created diamonds they were intended for first, to aesthetic side of it by applying them in jewelry. Nowadays you can find Gemesis, Apollo Diamonds, New Age Diamonds and many more companies on the jewelry market offering quality gems of the same quality as mined diamonds.

Man-made diamonds are normally created by one of two methods, either HPHT (high pressure high temperature) or CVD (chemical vapor deposition). The first method neatly recreates the environment the same that is needed to form diamonds in the Earth's crust. First, the stones must be put under high pressure, next heated to a certain state, just like it happens under the ground. The second method is a chemical one that derives diamonds out of carbon plasma. No matter what the method is, it still helps to cultivate real diamonds, with the same properties of the natural stones. And man-made diamonds really can boast to gain an ever-growing popularity among diamond lovers, both men and women. Partly it's due to the cost of man-made diamonds. They are less expensive than natural gems, but they are not cheap! You feel the difference in cost when you opt for bigger or colored stones, which are so rare in nature and the price skyrockets unpredictable for them, from thousands of dollars to millions some times. This never happens with man-made diamonds, where the price grows proportionally to the size of a stone. This makes them so popular and sought-after.

So, do you remember when you first heard about man-made diamonds? Just recently or many years ago?

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