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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Diamond And Dinosaur iPad 2

Do you think there exist anything more valuable than diamonds to encrust any gadget? Apparently there is, and this is nothing else than a … real dinosaur bone!

Stuart Hughes, an English designer known by his unique collection of diamond encrusted gadgets, went to even greater extremes by applying a dinosaur bone to an iPad 2, which rocketed the cost of the former up to $8 million. The bone was taken from T-Rex dinosaur that is aged 65 million years old and it is shaved into the Ammolite, which is known to be the oldest rock in the world (more than 10 million years older than a dinosaur's bone).

Apart from these prehistoric relics Hughes used 2 kilograms of 24-carat gold to produce a rear section. As usual, the logo is encrusted with flawless diamonds (there are 53 of them) and a large 8.5 carat diamond is mounted on a 'home' button.

An iPad is on sale now on Hughes' official website and there are only two of them available – a limited edition.

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