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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Whose Best Friends Diamonds Are Now?

Created diamonds are known to be great substitutes for authentic diamonds when it comes to jewelry, but now they are found to be better than silicon, so they can serve as perfect material for microchips.

In this regard when speaking about created diamonds, cubic zirconia and likewise stones are far from being talked about. They are quite of different composition than man made diamonds. The former acquire all the properties of natural stones due to the source material they are made of and the technology used to cultivate them. The first is carbon, just like in diamonds dug from under the ground, and the second produce all the conditions for diamond growing, including high pressure and extremely high temperature. With the only difference in origin, man made diamonds and natural diamonds are nearly the same. These man made diamonds are the one the professor from the Vanderbilt University were talking about. According to a number of testings and trials, such man made diamonds are claimed to work much better than silicon. And the main benefit of them is that they can be cultivated very fast, thus you won't drag far behind the progress, especially if to take into account that electronics develop with a high speed.

Man made diamonds for industrial purpose are not of a form of a gem like those for jewelry. They are available in thin sheets intended to be cut into tiny microchips. The main advantage of man made diamonds over the silicon is that they can be created as semiconductors allowing them to withstand extremely high temperature, what silicon can't do. Well, it sounds like your laptop won't get hot on your laps any more.

But there is another counter-question: will it cost much when there are diamonds inside? The answer is 'No' due to the fact that they are man made but not natural. Diamonds grown in the laboratories are cheaper because they skip a long chain of all those cost-consuming steps needed to extract the diamond from under the ground. Still, the technology used to create diamonds closely imitate the environment found in the Earth mantle, so it helps to grow real diamonds just like natural ones.

Though we are now speaking about industrial man made diamonds but in any event it proves that now man do grow high-quality diamonds that can serve for both industrial and aesthetic purposes. And the fact that they are not dug from deep within doesn't affect their unique, peculiar only to diamonds, properties. Thus now man made diamonds are now not only girl's best friends but processor's, either.

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