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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Diamond Planet: A Myth Or Reality?

We seem to mention anything made of diamonds: diamond jewelry, diamond gadgets, diamond standard lamp, diamond shoes, diamond wedding dress and whatnot. But there is one more thing recently discovered that is diamond: this is a diamond planet!

Australian astronomers at Parkes Observatory have recently discovered a new planed orbiting a dead star that by its structure resembles the most solid mineral in the world that is diamond. This is not a hasty statement, as according to scientists this planet is 18 times solid than water, meaning that this is not a gas planet made of helium or hydrogen normally the stars are made of, but it should consist of oxygen and carbon. We know that diamond is carbon by nature so it let the scientists presuppose that this planet is crystalline like a real diamond.

As for the planet measures, it is estimated to be 5 times large than the Earth having 34,175 miles across. But you understand that it's not the size of the planet that made a fuss about but its composition, that is really unexpected and never found before. Probably the former will determine the name for this celestial body - “Lucy”, which in Latin means “light”.

Well, it is nice to know that diamonds exist even as far as in the Universe, but it's also nice to be aware that they can be as close to you as worn on your finger.

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