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Monday, October 3, 2011

Deep Yellow Diamond to Open The Season at Christie's

Normally the majority of diamonds are colorless, of crystal purity, the one you usually see in wedding rings. But still there are the exceptions, which usually cost a pretty large sum of money: colored diamonds. Depending on the impurity that is found in diamond's structure, the gem acquires a certain color, in case of yellow diamond described below this is nitrogen that replaces the atoms of carbon.

A yellow pear-shaped 33-carat diamond is going to open the global jewelry auction season at Christie's at the October 18 in New York. There is a peculiar feature about this gem, the thing is it is of extremely saturated color, the one you can see in only one in 10 million diamonds. Though there will be more than 340 items at the auction, according to GIA (the Gemological Institute of America) this one is going to fetch the largest sum, about $8 million. While one can consider this price to be high, for real collectors of fine jewelry the price is not the case to stop them from purchasing a rare thing. It is clear, and such auctions as Christie's just prove this, that the demand for fine, unique jewelry is very strong. This is one of the reasons why colored man made diamonds are gaining popularity now. They can be of very deep colors but still less expensive. The only flaw of lab grown diamonds is that they can't be grown of very large size, for example as large as this 33-carat beauty. Hope this is only a matter of time.

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