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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor's Collection of Jewelry Will Go Under The Hammer

Celebrities are known diamonds wearers but there is still one most faithful who is known worldwide if not for her outstanding acting skills then definitely for her love for diamonds. You have probably guessed, this is Elizabeth Taylor who is know sharing her precious jewelry with public.

The fans of this Hollywood star now has a chance to admire her rich collection of pieces of art, fashion and jewelry. This is a kind of preview of Elizabeth Taylor's most precious belongings before they go to auction at Christie's in New York and London. What you are going to see there is Taylor's amazing collection of dresses from Chanel and Versace, which like pieces of art will be showcased alongside the works of Renoir and Van Gogh.

The jewelry that will go under hammer in New York in December is mostly the gifts of her co-star and husband Richard Burton. After they first met as Cleopatra and Mark Antony, Burton showered Elizabeth with jewelry including the most known Elizabeth Taylor diamond. By the way, the latter is expected to fetch about $3,5 million.

The most 'funny' diamond named by occasion after a ping-pong game is estimated between $6000 and $8000. The reason is it got its unusual name is that it was a deal between Burton and Taylor that when she is able to win the game 10 points from him, he owes her a diamond, and that's it.
Another valuable piece in the collection is La Peregrina, the most historically important pearl in the world. The fact that Burton outbid a member of the Spanish royal family during the auction adds to pearl's value. 55 carats in size with 203 grains it is destined to bring not less than $3 million at Christie's auction.

This is the greatest private collection that ever hit the auction with all the pieces assembled in one place at a time. Auctioneers find it hard to estimate the price of the total collection but what they are sure about it that the jewelry alone will fetch up to $30 million!

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