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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Diamonds Shine at Golden Globes

With all Golden Globes bestowed it's a nice time to summarize the even. But as far as this blog concerns diamonds, let's focus on them rather than on long-awaited prizes.

As always the celebrities was top models on the Red carpet showcasing their alluring dresses, bright smiles and non less bright diamond jewelry. It's only January and it means celebrities are setting trends for the rest of the year. Let's see what to expect in regard to diamond jewelry.
Beyonce stack to classic styles by wearing platinum and diamond necklace and diamond cushion-cut earrings. The set was designed by Lorraine Schwartz.

Kate Beckinsale has always had a good taste and this year was no different. She was lovely in her pale dress but those who think is wasn't too flashy would be fully dazzled by the impressive size of her diamond earrings and three! platinum and diamond cuffs.

36-year old actress Angelina Jolie was as usual amazing. Like Beyonce, she opted for Lorraine Schwartz set of jewelry consisting of platinum and diamond stud earrings and a huge 12-carat diamond ring. But Natalie Portman took a large set: drop earrings, pear-shaped diamond ring and three platinum & diamond bracelets by Schwartz.

Undoubtedly, Lorraine Schwartz was a popular option, however you could also see the jewelry designed by Tiffany & Co (on Jessica Biel), Bulgari (on Jessica Alba, Jodie Foster) and Van Cleef and Arpels (on Zooey Deschannel).

Apparently diamonds are popular as they've always been, what has changed is the setting: this year this is platinum. Fancy colored diamonds were overshadowed by (it may sound strange but still) colorless diamonds, by the amount of them. Cuffs are trendy this year, any of them from simple band to pretentiously shaped, but all covered with diamonds. It seems today's trends can hardly satisfy most people's valets, if can't there is always more affordable alternative.

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