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Monday, January 16, 2012

Large Diamond Deposits Found in China

A small province in the east part of China made a huge stir all around the world – a large deposit of diamond has been found there. According to the latest estimates, there are more than 200 kilograms of diamonds under the Earth mantle. Of course, the experts give positive prognosis concerning even larger deposits that can be discovered during mining, but even of its initial size this is an unexpected discovery for more than last 30 years and this is the same term this mine can be mined for. Though India and South Africa have been always undisputed leaders for their largest diamond resources on the planet, however this is China that surpassed them both revealing the largest diamond deposit for the last ten years.

Though this discovery seems to enlarge the production of diamonds and thus to increase the variety of diamond jewelry, but according to prognosis it won't help to decrease the price for this stone in the country. Even if you decide to try your luck and dig the diamond by yourself, you won't succeed: the diamonds are the part of national resource of the country that can't be exploit by individuals. As it's seen, the diamonds are going to keep on their status of the most precious and inaccessible gems. What is left is to find solace in diamonds in a stamp.

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