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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Diamond Encrusted Stamp?

Those familiar with any compulsive collector know that a rare item that can be a great addition to the collection is a longed-for and most desired thing. So 6 February is going to be an important day for devoted philatelists and a chance to get one of unique stamps which are sparse in number – the stamp created by Jersey Post in honor of 60th anniversary of Queen's accession to the throne. But this-year anniversary is a special one, it's better to say diamond one.

All Diamond Jubilee stamps, and the number is limited to 600 items, will feature real diamonds decorating the Queen's crown. Each diamond measures 1.25mm and is carefully mounted in the diadem. As far as these are real diamonds, even though so tiny, the price tag corresponds to the jewel – one stamp will cost you 125 pounds or about 190 dollars.

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