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Monday, January 9, 2012

Eternal Memorial Placed in the Eternal Gem

After Tammy McCalla's father died, she could not imagine her life without him. Arnold Gunderson was her best friend and every time she recalls him her eyes are getting wet. No wonder, Tammy was looking for the ways if not to prolong dad's life than to have a tangible reminder of him. And lucky she was to find it, or better say to create it - Arnold Gunderson who died in 2009 is still close with his daughter being turned into a stunning blue diamond mounted in a ring.

Strange as it may sound, but creating diamonds from human ashes is no longer a myth. As you might know, diamond is pure carbon and cremated ashes of humans mainly consist of carbon. In this case, the laboratories offering such diamonds take an exact carbon source in order to make a timeless memorial to a person whom you loved and lost. So, when Tammy McCalla heard about such man-made diamonds from a television program, she got very excited about this idea.

LifeGem is the company known for manufacturing memorial diamonds. It wasn't that tricky to contact them and make a deal. As a result the young lady now has a nice blue diamond mounted into a ring which she wears every day not simply as a pretty jewelry but as a dearest relic.

LifeGem is not actually the only company that grows memorial diamonds. There's also the Swiss company Algordanza with offices in 24 countries worldwide.

Some information about the stone:
Price - $8,000
Setting – Holy Trinity design, white gold
Time needed to grow the diamond – 6-9 months

What do you think about such way of memorial to loved ones?

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