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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Diamond That is Telling the Story

Natural diamond is a long-lasting gem with thousands of years of history concealed under its incredible brilliance. But its impossible to reproduce it, so what is left is to simply enjoy its beauty. But it can be quite different with man made diamonds that may contain a secret inside, like the one owned by Mexican artist Teresa Margolles.

On arriving to London in 2011, Teresa Margolles didn't expect to see what she actually witnessed: the city erupting in violence. Shocked by those events, she decided to document them and collected the evidence of them in terms of remains caused by rioting left from burned buildings. In order to keep the memory of that riot forever, Margolles decided to engraved them in most durable gem – diamond. Now she is the owner of three quarter carat 58 facet cut diamond grown from ashes, the stone you can trace the story back right to the beginning and peaceful times. Moreover, Teresa keeps on telling the story of the riot, vandalism, crime and violence. She even has a proof – her diamond.

Actually, there shouldn't be any revolts to help you make a diamond unique. There is the company that claims to reproduce the memories of any special occasions or of your dearest person in the most solid gem in the world like diamond, which is going to be the most safe storage of your own story. Would you like to have that kind of diamond?

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