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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jewel City is Now Shouting about Diamonds

Johannesburg is often called Jewel City as far as this is the largest exporter of natural mined diamonds in the world (this is the home of about 300 diamond traders!). While the independent observer might think the life is rich and sweet their, it's actually not as fine judging from a huge slogan on one of the central walls of the city: Diamonds are a woman's best friend and a man's worst enemy.

The idea of making unique inscription belongs to ABOVE, a Californian street artist. He took a formal permission from local administration to paint the known phrase. But he hadn't disclosed his initial plans of amplifying it. Indeed, while women are crazy about diamond's beauty, men are raving the brains where to earn enough money for all those pieces of jewelry, or at least one of them. You know there is an unpublished tradition to propose with a diamond ring, and the thought of its high price tag can easily mar and often postpone this occasion. It can be one of the reasons that motivated ABOVE to write that slogan. Or the fact that the majority of men in Africa living in diamond-mine areas are taking pains every day to dig those tiny precious stones from Earth's bowels. We don't know the reasons but can clearly read his attitude.

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