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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Diamond Tattoo – the Priciest Tattoo in the World

It's known that diamonds are loved both by men and women and while women try to adorn anything they have with these precious gems be it a handbag or the iPad, men managed to set them in luxury autos. It seems the whole world is competing for making something special of diamonds like the Swiss jeweler, but this time the setting for diamonds is very unusual – human body!
The world's most expensive tattoo is made of 612 diamonds. All of them are of 0.5 carat size ideally cut and colorless. As far as 'the setting' is very tender the jeweler, rather than a tattoo master, applied a water based adhesive to firmly stick them. This is Minki van der Westhuizen model who desired to become a princess for a while and try on an unusual tattoo. However to become one cost her a pretty sum of money - $924,000!

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