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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Luxury Cars Are Being Sold at High Speed in Countries of Arabian Peninsular

While the rest of the countries around the globe are still struggling the economical crisis, the UAE holds the forth place in the world market for purchasing extremely pricey Rolls-Royce cars. The recent motor show hold in the UAE was just a prove for that the countries of Arabian Peninsular are still going strong.

Keeping in the mind that this blog is fully devoted to diamonds and we are now speaking about luxury cars, it wouldn't be difficult to combine these two things. Luxury usually refers to diamonds and a luxury car is that encrusted with the latter. This is a flying lady figurine standing on the stainless bonnet of “Riviera Phantom”. No less than 2,300 diamonds beautify the delicate statuette.After such a luxury, highly expensive thing diamond-encrusted skull and iPad are upstaged.

Curiously enough but Rolls-Royce luxury cars priced above $270,000 have never fallen off the popularity among royalty and entrepreneurs even at hard times. According to James Crichton, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars' regional director for the Middle East and Africa, the market slowed down a bit due to some problems in euro zone, however it has nothing to do with the UAE and Saudi Arabia, where they are up from 78% and 60% respectively. What is more, this number can grow very fast after the women will be allowed to drive. Currently they are driven by chauffeurs or relatives. The fact that women do consider diamonds to be their best friends, the demand for such luxury cars as diamond- encrusted “Riviera Phantom” will grow dramatically.

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