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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fever for Environmental Friendliness

There is the latest tendency that is gradually spreading around the world involving more people every day. We are talking about people searching for alternative, environmentally friendly and safe solutions to existing problems. Here are just few example to confirm.
The Tower Bridge in London will be equipped by 'eco friendly' LED lightning system on the occasion on the Olympic Games 2012. This is claimed to cut energy consumption by up to 40% in comparison with today's use. So, apart from brightly highlighted Olympic logos there is also significant economy.

An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chrome plating has been found! Vacuum plating + powder coating is now a cutting-edge latest technology, which results in producing long-lasting, durable products.

Have you heard of environmentally friendly shopping bags? They do exist! Made from biodegradable polyester Bunch Bags are reusable, stain and mildew resistant and meant for keeping, washing and storing the produce. You can machine wash them and use as long as it is in a usable condition. It is proved that one eco bag can substitute hundreds of plastic produce bags.

Even the trips are environmentally friendly now. The number of travelers who are concerned about the impacts of their trips on nature is rapidly increasing.

So now we've come to diamonds. Nowadays the notion of 'man made diamonds' or 'laboratory grown diamonds' is far from novel and striking. Many people have heard about such diamonds but only a fraction of them find lab grown diamonds trustworthy. The thing is that alongside man made diamonds, which are real diamonds with all the properties of natural ones, there are diamond simulants of quite different nature, structure and composition only visually resembling diamonds at first glance. After thorough examination and testings it becomes apparent that there is a fake stone under brilliant luster. However, diamond simulants are good, say, for decoration your clothing, accessories or footwear, while the originals would be quite expensive for such purpose.

Opposite to them there are man made diamonds that do fit eco-conscious people searching for environmentally friendly alternative to mined stones. They are not cheap as you may first think, but they are less expensive. In today's passion for eco friendliness they managed to win the hearts (and pockets) of young couples who choose to have 'green weddings' with minimal impact on the nature. If you are not still aware of how created diamonds are grown, what properties they possess, how they differ from diamond simulants, and what after all make them a sought-after option after natural diamonds, you can read it in related articles on this blog to form your own viewpoint towards them.

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