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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Everything Can be Lost, Even Diamonds

When speaking about diamond jewelry we usually ponder over how we own it being afraid even to assume if we can lose it. Yet such things happen very often but when they happen to celebrities this news is blown up immediately.

Just recently Michael Michele, an American known television personality, has lost a diamond- and emerald-encrusted bracelet she wore during L'Oreal Paris Legends Gala. It's a known fact that celebrities usually serve as objects for advertising anything put on them from clothing, accessories to jewelry. When it concerns VIP persons, they are prone to promote only fine jewelry such as diamond one, which you know, is very costly. So, it's clear why “Gossip Girl” star was in panic when she found her diamond bracelet was missing. First, it wasn't hers, and second, it cost a quarter of a million! What Michael Michele hasn't lost was courage so she dived under her table hunting for a precious bracelet. By the way, this pretty piece of jewelry was designed by Mini So, a New York-based designer and a friend of Michele.

Luckily for the actress, one of the guests found the precious thing on the stairs and fetched it to the owner. Hasty stir about the lost jewel and panic are now far behind but this case showed how easily the happiness from owning a priceless diamond jewelry can be spoiled when it is lost.

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