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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Diamond Reality

Even though you can be a conservative person with your own views on fine jewelry or one with moderate income so that diamond jewelry is the last thing you are thinking about to ever purchase, still each couple has to consider this at least once in their life while choosing a diamond wedding ring (some statistics about wedding expenses you can find here).

With such highly hyped slogans as 'Diamonds are Forever' and 'Diamonds are a girl best friend' it's hard to imagine there is any other choice except of diamond engagement ring, which is so popular in the United States. Like a newly-bought gadget is often a point of a big talk among men, the same a wedding ring and a size of a diamond gem is an object of boasting among girls. Without any intention of braking this tradition or bankrupting the diamond industry but with the initial desire to give a proper, cheaper and high-quality substitute for natural diamonds, these are Gemesis, Apollo, Chatham, New Age Diamonds and some more respectable laboratories offering you to get man made diamonds, absolutely identical to natural ones but for the environment they were formed in.

Indeed, man made diamonds are know to be less expensive, so that you will need to pay an extraction of the price you would spend for a natural stone. This can give you a chance to stay within your budget instead of using your credit card, what is very important in today's economically unstable situation.

Another point to add to man made diamonds is that they are like real diamonds and are normally set in gold or platinum, the setting usually used for every precious gem. Created diamond mounted in one of these settings will serve you very, very long.

With a number of benefits there is still one we have to pay more attention at. Man made diamonds are fadeless, durable and scratchless, so the same slogan 'Diamonds are forever' can be also applied to the gems cultivated in special machines the same as to the natural diamonds. Apart from that they are environmentally friendly and can be a good option for those couple who do stick to the belief that this is their responsibility to think about the future of their planet.

The aim of this article was to give you a wider view on the notion of man made diamonds and show you possible variants to get fine jewelry for less price. We were not supposed to convince you in buying any product but rather to recommend you weight all pros and cons before deciding what engagement ring or jewelry is to fit your budget in the most proper way.

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