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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trick-or-Treating With Halloween Jewelry

Halloween is just around the corner again and it's high time to think about your costume. But these are pieces of jewelry that make your ensemble complete and correspond to the event. There is a great choice of such accessories from handmade and vintage to dainty diamond ones. These are the latter we are going to talk about.

Halloween holiday always makes a great stir around so it caused the jewelry companies to meet the needs of their customers and make the pieces of jewelry devoted to this event. The most known of course are those worn by celebrities and the most famous jewelry designer is probably Jack Vartanian. His bat necklace was seen on Megan Fox, Kate Hudson and Leighton Meester. Of course, diamond jewelry even when created for Halloween can't be too spooky due to sparkling gemstones but it's definitely eye-catching. This year not the bats were in the center of Jack Vartanian's attention but snakes as it can be seen from his Python collection consisting of 25 pieces. However, as the designer claims himself, this was not a snake he was thinking about while making a new line. He was inspired by … rock. This time diamonds give way to a Brazilian rock, which is of a color resembling a python skin.

One of the most popular item of jewelry worn for Halloween parties is a skull and the most known, and most expensive, skull was created by Damien Hirst, a British jewelry designer. Intended to shock the luxury lovers, it also amazed them by number of tiny diamonds covering a skull. If you choose to impress the guests by this dazzling skull, you should be ready to part with about $100 million.

Surely, not everyone can afford to buy a piece of jewelry devoted to All Hallows' Eve and encrusted with diamonds. But there is always an alternative. First, you can choose your own design and have a jeweler make it for you, and second, if you decide on opting for man-made diamonds instead of mined ones it will save you a great amount of money. What is more, you can choose a colored gem, say a vivid orange just like the color of a pumpkin. And the price is the last thing you need to trouble about because man-made diamonds are known to be much less pricey than natural. So with unique design and close-to-natural diamonds your piece of jewelry will be impressive, brilliant and what is more – affordable.

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