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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What is the Most Valuable Diamond Property Today?

Speaking of diamonds, it would be right to say that each diamond property is valuable. It's true to some extent. Actually diamonds possess many properties not typical for any other stones, they are fadelessness, durability, hardness, everlasting and incredible glitter (the latter is very essential for true fashionista). But the characteristic that drew the attention (and investments) of De Beers company is semiconductivity.

Not long ago synthetic diamonds were considered to be the bane for diamond dealers, who would rather reject them as not-diamonds than to give them a chance. However, lab grown diamonds started being graded by European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) since 2001 and by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) since 2007. As you see, man made diamonds are, by far, real diamonds that are sold and promoted on the jewelry marked for about 10 years already – quite a long term, just enough to win the trust of the customers. The more man made diamonds had been publicized by their manufacturers, the more they were blamed by De Beers. But nothing stays the same, everything can change sooner or later. So now the largest world monopolist of mined diamonds is heavily investing in laboratory grown diamonds!

De Beers is taking pains to convince IT pros and the rest of the world that lab-grown diamonds are the best alternative/substituent for silicon due to their thermal conductivity. It means that diamond-based processors are capable of running on higher speeds than similar silicone-based ones. This allows to make more powerful computers not fearing that they will overheat. This was Apollo Diamonds company specializing on producing crystal diamonds wafers, which is now belongs to Scio Diamonds. The technology used to cultivate diamond crystals is known as chemical vapor deposition, where the diamonds are grown atom by atom and gain all the properties of those stones dug from under the ground. So, not to be off the game, De Beers is trying to be involved in the case for promoting synthetic diamonds, serious competitors to natural diamonds in former and now days.

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