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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Diamond Encrusted Handbag

Alongside the fever for environmental friendliness, there is another quite opposite yearning for diamond encrusted accessories, which are, as you can guess, very pricey and far from being affordable.

Paris is known for its passion for food and fashion, so it's not surprising that the most expensive shoe was sold there. This was the evening pump sparkling with lots of semi-precious gems and sewn by fine silver threads. A definitely royal footwear created for a real princess – Princes Soraya of Iran was the owner. But now this is Texas which earned fame due to the auction where the most expensive handbag found its lucky owner.

There were about 550 luxurious auction items at Dallas sale this Tuesday. All of them were handbags specially designed to satisfy the whims of the world's richest people. Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Celine are only few brands offering their lavish accessories. But this was Hermes brand to offer four unique, exceptionally luxurious handbags for sale. One of them was of scarlet red crocodile skin with a diamond encrusted gold hardware attachment. Initially it was estimated to go for about $80,000 but appeared to be in high demand among lovers of one-of-its-kind things and was sold for $203,150! It is now hard to imagine how much the clothing should cost to make that bag complement it.

The other three bags from Hermes went for between $80,000 and $113,000 proving that the market for high-end accessories is really strong. Such sophisticated shoppers rather view these accessories like an option for investment that a common handbag to take to the events. But do you think these items will be still in price in say 10 or more years?

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