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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Breaking News about Man Made Diamonds

If at least once in your life you've tried to buy a man made diamond or you already have the experience of purchasing it, then you should know for sure that lab grown diamond retailers are conducting their business primarily online. After all, it's not a problem to buy a diamond this way, as you can see your gem on many photos taken under different lightning conditions and from different angles or even examine the slightest detail of it on a video (some websites do have such an option). But some customers still have a need to view their purchase whatever it is in person, especially when it comes to the prettiest gem in the world. So now they have grounds to rejoice – the worlds' first lab grown diamond jewelry store opened!

The 5th of December was a ribbon-cutting day for D.NEA Company. A pioneer among other diamond growning laboratories, it is proud to announce the opening of their first (hope in a chain of stores) retail boutique located at 404 River Street, Greenville, SC. Now this is a nice chance for customers to learn more about laboratory grown diamonds and the technology used to make them 'real'. This is the first store in the world where there are only synthetic diamonds on sale. We recall that diamonds cultivated in the laboratories are conflict-free and eco-friendly since they don't imply mining. As far as they possess identical properties of natural diamonds, D.NEA and most of diamond growing labs propose lifetime guarantee for their produce. Moreover, if by one reason or another you aren't satisfied with the gem you bought, the company avails you with lifetime back-pay option, thus proving that they are fully confident in the high quality of their gems. Well, it sounds like you can buy a precious yet affordable present for your loved one for Christmas.

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