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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Most Expensive Blue Diamond Sold By Petra Diamond Ltd.

Petra Diamond Ltd known by its largest Cullinan diamond (507 carats) ever mined in the world, added yet another record to its list of attainments by selling a 4.8-carat blue diamond for a record price ever offered for a raw stone – $1.45 million.

As you may already be aware, blue diamonds are very rear due to the process of their formation. Blue diamonds are not that large as white or yellow and the largest representative of blues is the world-known The Hope Diamond (45.52 carats), which has been recently seen in a new sophisticated embrace. But a record-holder among blue diamonds is a smaller gem of just 7.03 carats in size, which has been sold for an awful great sum of money - $9.49 million, making $1.3 million per carat.

Such high price tags for fancy colored diamonds are determined mostly by their scarcity in number, size and of course due to high demand. Indeed, whatever the price is the celebrities are always ready to freely spare money just to cater for their whims.

But as far as this blog is dedicated to man made diamonds, we are revolving around reasonably priced (yet not very cheap) alternative for mined diamond – these are man made diamonds. They can be of any color including blue, but not of any size so far. If you like diamonds and blue stone is your dream but the only obstacle on your way to buying it is its high price, then you can view lab grown diamonds as an option that can make your dream come true. With lifetime guarantee and pay back, with GIA certificate confirming the 'realness' of man made diamonds, you can be sure your diamond is real.

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