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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First All-Diamond Ring

Here you can find many posts about various precious rings incrusted with diamonds, for example this and this one. But the unique diamond ring has been recently created by Shawish Jewellery company – all diamond ring cut from a single diamond stone!

The idea of creating one-of-a-kind ring came to Mohamed Shawesh, the president of the company, who implement it in life and unveiled his progeny. This is a 150-carat diamond ring cut from a single diamond either to outrange “Tsarevna Swan” ring that set the Guinness world record for most cut diamonds mounted into one ring (2,525 gems) or to brake the bank being priced at $70 million. But it seems Mohamed Shawish killed two birds with one stone. Still, it took much time and efforts to get such excellent results. According to Shawish, he spent a year on getting the copyright for the ring's design, and once it was approved they had to purchase a special laser to cut it perfect.

Natural diamonds are know for their high price tags, but this time it surpassed all possible limits. So, now we are waiting for the sale to discover the name of a happy (and wealthy) owner. Stay tuned!

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