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Thursday, March 22, 2012

US Synthetic Culturing Jewelry Diamonds

US Synthetic, part of the widely-known industrial giant Dover Corporation, is one of the largest employers of Orem, Utah. The company based in this provincial town employs more than 800 people. US Synthetic is the largest polycrystalline diamond producer in the States; they grow both diamonds for industrial purposes and gemstones of jewelry quality. As far as the latter are concerned, US Synthetic diamonds are known for their high quality and the wide range of the available colors.

Moreover, the company is constantly looking for new solutions and ways of improving their products. Synthetic diamonds are grown from natural diamond grit with the High Temperature High Pressure technology applied to them. As a result US Synthetic industrial diamonds are as tough as real ones. The company’s president Rob Galloway states that a lab grown diamond is a unique material and the scope of its usage is absolutely boundless in the modern world of developing technologies.

As for man made diamonds of jewelry quality, US Synthetic is now trying to conquer this market looking for new original solutions for engagement and wedding rings, earrings, pendants and other pieces of jewelry. Not so long ago they started growing artificial gems which are quite good-looking and available in many fancy colors, including yellow, blue and pink. Of course it will be hard for their diamonds to win the market ruled by Russian diamonds for such a long period of time, but the company recently awarded with the Shingo Prize is not going to stop at what has been accomplished, and is now about to significantly enlarge the diamond color range.
Don't you still believe man made diamonds are in high demand now?

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