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Monday, May 21, 2012

Pink Diamonds Attacking the Auctions

When a rare diamond appears at Christie's auction it always makes a stir with everybody anticipating to find out jewel's final price. Once it's found, it might make you dumb, dazed or even shocked. Just like it happened to Clark Pink, 9-carat cushion-cut diamond, the jewel from Huguette Clark's estate.

This purplish pink diamond ring with a gem set in platinum is now the world's known jewelry piece as it hit the record price ever paid for pink diamond ring - $15.7 million! It was a big surprise for both the auction organizers and bidders as far as the pre-estimated price was only $8 million upper limit.

But this is not the only pink diamond that is likely to go under the hammer this year. “Martian Pink”, the largest pink diamond that has never been auctioned before, will be on sale at Christie's in Hong Kong on May 29. 12.04-carat pink diamond of brilliant cut is supposed to fetch about $8 million. Jewelry specialists are talking about its history: in 1976 it was bought from Harry Winston who decided to name it “Martian” to commemorate the Martian Exhibition launched by the United States. You may ask why Hong Kong became the target market, the answer is simple — Shanghai is getting the reputation of a prospective jewelry market where there are enough buyers ready to pay a significant sum of money for rare diamonds. Let's wait to find out the selling price of this gem, meanwhile you may enjoy this video

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