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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Whose Diamonds Are They?

When it was claimed that man made diamonds are absolute analogues to natural diamonds, people were and still are reluctant to trust that, however the recent events showed that synthetic diamonds worth to be paid more attention to.

Normally each synthetic diamond should be disclosed for the customer to be aware they are buying man made diamonds but not mined. Yet as it turned out lots of diamonds (namely, more than 600 gems) remained undisclosed but this was International Gemological Institute that revealed this fact and raised the alarm. The buyer of such treasure had not even the slightest idea about the origin of the stones purchased, yet the price paid ensured they were natural. Mistakenly.
According to IGI, they've got the cases of two synthetic gems here, more there that were not disclosed, but they've never dealt with such amount of diamonds. What is more, they even don't know whether this is the whole amount or they'll have to expect for a next portion.

IGI stated all diamonds are of the CVD's origin, mostly of small sizes from 0.30 carats to 0.70 carats, the size that is typical for lab grown diamonds. Polish is either “very good” or “excellent” making them extremely appealing. What is more, they are so good that can't be distinguished from mined stones by using usual gemological tools such as microscopes or loupes. One should either possess De Beer's DiamondView or fetch them into gemological institutions for a proof otherwise it's impossible to distinguish them from natural diamonds.
On the one hand, this news should encourage you to keep an eye open for such types of scams which can result in significant loss of money. However, when asked some diamond dealers confessed they would have bought them without doubt because they look like real diamonds. But on the other, when man made diamonds are so good and indistinguishable from expensive stones of natural origin, then why should you pay more?

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