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Monday, June 11, 2012

Diamond Encrusted Flash Drive: Let Your Stored Data Get More Flash

There is always a problem with flash drives: you can easily lose either its cap or the flash itself. The best way to keep it with you is to wear it around your neck like a pendant. But it usually is not that pretty to wear it that way, unless of course it's a Magic Mushroom USB key encrusted with precious stones.

We've already wrote a lot about various gadgets, accessories and even body adorned with diamonds, now it's time for a flash drive. A Magic Mushroom flash is a unique thing. Yes, it's look like a very pretty mushroom covered with any gem to your liking. If it's made in white gold and is beautified with diamonds and emeralds, it will cost around $37,000. A cheaper version of the above-mentioned Mushroom can be made in pink gold with white diamonds and pink sapphires, in this case it won't cost more than $16,500. But if yellow gold is what you love most of all, be ready to pay $24,400 for a flash drive sparkling with white diamonds and rubies.

While the flash drive body is decorated with tiny gems, the total amount of carat weight can be impressive. Of course, it depends on the gemstones you choose for it: if they are diamonds and emeralds then it will weight 9.18 carat in total, while the rest variations with rubies or with sapphires will provide 11.34 carats in total.

Those who are interested more in storage capacity than in carat weight will be interested more in flash drive memory. So the memory capacity is 32 GB. With a Magic Mushroom you will kill two birds with one stone: get a pretty diamond jewelry which you can wear like a pendant, and have a very handy data storage device.

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