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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tints of Pink

There are always debates about what diamonds are the most popular among celebrities: pink or blue? But it would look like seeking for a simple answer to a difficult question. This is actually not what we are going to do this time, yet will turn your attention to undoubtedly one of the most sought after diamonds – pink.

Indisputably pink diamonds are stunning and one finds it difficult to resist their seductive beauty. But the truth is there is a difference between the pinks – the color tints. Even though most of the gems look alike they have certain amount of inclusions that color diamonds various shades of color from brownish to reddish pink. On the one hand, it affects the price which can be much lower for brown-pink diamonds when compared to reddish gems, but on the other it of course determines the demand: pure flawless gems are definitely in higher demand among customers and they are enticing lots on many auctions. Tinted pink diamonds are not defective, they also possess unique charm and can look stunning in the appropriate setting.

So the tints: let's take reddish diamond's cost for 100% then

Brownish – cost 30% less

Brown – cost 50% less

Orangey – cost 10% less

Orange – cost 25% less

Grayish – cost 30% less

Gray – cost 40% less

Purplish – cost 20% less

Purple – cost 30% less

Any tint of red color can easily double the price, the same as the tendency of celebrities to wear this or that tint of diamond. It's a known fact that the boom for pink diamonds dates back to 2003, when Ben Affleck proposed her with impressive pink diamond engagement ring. Even though “Bennifer” later parted without getting married the ring was talked about for long enough to turn into a fashion trend for jewelry.

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