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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DiamaPen: a Diamond Detection Device

Diamond Services Ltd., a Hong Kong-based company, revealed a revolutionary device that can detect synthetically grown diamond. Now there is a hope there won't be such cases as with undetected lab grown diamonds as happened just recently, it concerns both CVD-grown and HPHT diamonds. Moreover, it's very compact take-and-go pen-like device you can easy take with you whenever you decide to buy diamond jewelry. And the price is not biting at all - $199.00.

Diamond detection equipment used in gemological institutions are not portable, but the expert is really an expert when they have a range of necessary tools in touch. Sometimes ago De Beers offered their DiamondView instrument which is still not quite affordable for mere customers and a bit bulky to take with. But the novel device called DiamaPen is going to become the salvation of many problems with little time and efforts applied. If you want to buy either natural or man made diamond without being cheated by moissanite or cubic zirconia, then you will find it very handy. This 'magic wand' will be uncovered later this month at Hong Kong Gem & Jewellery Fair.

The owner and Chief Executive Officer of EGL Asia J. Kuzi personally tested DiamaPen. He said they took Gemesis diamonds for testing as well as those grown with the help of HPHT method. The fastest respond on non-natural diamond you get when you take fancy yellow gems. It takes a bit longer to identify colorless gemstones, yet J. Kuzi claims DiamaPen is not intended to substitute full-scale identification the diamond should undergo in a gemological laboratory. Still this pen will definitely be an important device especially for diamond traders and those who are somehow involved in this field.

One more detail to add is that you have to get a pair of safety glasses to protect you from a laser beam this diamond detector radiates. It is unknown whether the glasses will be included or not. But we'll discover it soon, tomorrow Hong Kong Gem & Jewellery Fair is opening its door!

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