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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Scio Diamond Technology Unsurpassed All Expectations?

This spring we've already posted about Scio Diamond plans to mass produce synthetic diamonds, not much did it take them to implement their plans. Even though the company claimed to have 10 diamond growing reactors ready for producing diamonds, they now run 5 but full steam.

We'll remind you that Scio Diamond Technology Corporation bought a controlling stake in Apollo Diamonds, which used chemical vapor deposition method to manufacture stones for both industrial needs and jewelry sector. It looks like Scio sticks to the traditions of Apollo company but is taking pain to grow even more. And they really manufacture more.

After one reactor ran 179 hours an average, the company managed to produce 220 gross carats of diamonds. Of course, the chief executive officer says this is a great progress if to take into account they want to make real diamonds affordable to any customer. It's everything clear with the quantity but this is not the main target though. The quality is another aspect to pay attention. CVD diamonds produced by Scio are of very high quality if to believe the executive officer. What is more they plan to focus on the needs and likes of their clients and grow the stones with particular specifications if needed.

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