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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Conflict-Free Man Made Diamonds

When we say man made diamonds are conflict-free we really mean it. In some countries where the diamonds are mined child labor is applied to get the diamonds from under the ground. In others diamonds play significant role in supporting military conflicts between feuding clans, here they are used as a mean allowing to get weapon. But if you may think that these aspects of diamonds don't concern you as far as you are living far from Africa where this can be an urgent issue, you are wrong. Conflict caused by diamonds are here behind the corner.

On July 5, a man came in Manassas Mall and went his way to Shaw's Jewelers where he requested to see a diamond ring. Once he was given a precious thing (it valued $16,700), he ran out the mall and disappeared. Now the police is ferreting out a desperate robber. Whatever his motive was, he will definitely be punished.

$16,700 for a ring can be a big buck for a mere man, especially for one who is planning to propose his lady and bolster his intentions with a wedding ceremony. Possibly feeling hopeless about his prospects, he resolved on stealing a ring. But let's try another scenario with less expensive diamond jewelry.

Man made diamonds are known to be real, true diamonds with all the same characteristics of natural-formed stones. Yet even possessing all of them created diamonds are cheaper than those in Manassas Mall. Moreover, if your fiance has an exquisite taste and colored diamond engagement ring is the only ring that will melt her hear, you will have to fully empty your pockets to satisfy her whim.

Such pessimistic ball game in many cases may induce people for actions they would never ever do in their life. But when the ring costs from $1000 to $6000 in average there is no need to risk and steal it as you can really afford it! Pretend you are ready for another level of relations and you need a proposing ring. How much would you be ready to spare? If $4000-5000 is your upper limit then man made diamond engagement ring is what you can easily afford without stealing. You may ask where you can get it? There is actually a wide choice of man made engagement rings through out the internet so that it won't be difficult to find one to satisfy your budget. In this regard lab grown diamond rings are not only conflict-free, but wallet-friendly and risk-free. Keep yourself safe and happy!

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