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Thursday, July 12, 2012

GIA Offers Discount Diamond ID Service

With synthetic diamond boom now when they are rapidly winning the marker there can be a confusion like it was this spring when synthetic diamonds are sold as mined or another problem when diamond simulants are claimed to be real diamonds. In both cases it's better to be sure what stone you are offered. This situation caused jewelry experts to think over quick and easy ways of diamond identification such as DiamaPen, the device made in a shape of pen with the laser inside that allows to say diamonds from synthetic diamonds and non-diamonds. While this know-how fully drew the attention of jewelry experts, Gemological Institute of America decided to make a strategic move not to be left offside: low-cost diamond ID service!

According to Diamond World, GIA will focus on small diamonds of 0.20 carats and lower. As it's known, synthetic diamonds are usually of smaller sises in comparison with mined ones that can reach several carats in size. And due to their properties they are hard to differentiate from genuine stones. With that in mind GIA is going to identify the origin of diamonds and possible color treatment it was subjected. The service is really inexpensive – only $12 per a gem. Moreover, both mounted and loose stones can be qualified for this service.

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