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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Luxurious Lingerie

Women are always hunting for beautiful outfits like chiffon flowy scarfs, flashy handbags, python skin purses, bright belts if not to mention trendy clothing. But all these are visible things the surroundings can admire yet there is one hidden from the eyes but манящий, so that some ladies are ready to drop big bucks on it – lingerie.

This lingerie is a special one: this is a diamond and gold bra. Made from 18K gold and encrusted with about 500 little diamonds, it will cost $1 million to a faithful fashonista. This brilliant beauty is offered on sale at Birmingham Estate & Jewelry Buyers shop. It even has a name – Rita given after Anthony Aubry's, the shop owner, wife.

Believe it or not, but making a bra takes pretty much time and skills especially when it's diamond. A whole team of jewelers worked to make brasseries from gold and then to thickly cover it with diamonds.

Rita bra is actually not the first one to cost $1million. Before Victoria's Secret offered its 'Fantasy' bra, but there is the difference between them. While Fantasy is made of fabric, Rita is molded from gold and it's pretty weighty – 750 gm of gold only. It sounds like this is a huge gold bar and a great opportunity for investments.

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